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Thread: 701S pics, upgrades, enhancements, post delivery issues, questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by skypig View Post
    Almost exactly 2100mm overall (with the stock "tail tidy" aka "hideous extension removed" making the rear tire the most rearward extreme and the front tire the front extreme (as normal)

    I just measured mine for you.

    They are long bikes based on putting my old 690 in the trailer (compared with MX, Supermoto and Enduro bikes.)
    I use a bike cover marked "750cc-1000cc" ("Large" equivalent. They do a 1000cc-1300 As well, I think.)

    I use the same covers on my race bikes, and they aren't >750cc either!
    Just to give feedback again. In the end, I got a Held Professional Cover size M (L: 230cm, H: 122cm, W: 80cm). Its length is perfect because it has a rubber band at the bottom, so the 230cm is only the maximum to what it can expand. The height of is a bit too low for covering also the swingarm. This is mainly because the stock mirrors are very high. I'm still waiting for my new mirrors to be delivered, but then it should be fine.

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    Default brake pads for 701

    Stock pads are $156!
    EBC has pads that fit. I called Monroe Motors in San Francisco and they had already pulled the pads off their 701 and put them up to a life size chart of padS. Same pads as some of the Ducati's. not listed as official fit.
    but EBC number is FA224hh.

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    Default Mods and tune

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain701 View Post
    Getting ready get on the dyno...!!!!

    2017 701sm
    Evo 1 Air box lid
    Wings exhaust no baffle
    Stock filter
    I too have a 17 Sm and live in Fl. I am in the process of getting the parts you have used and will also tune mine, Where did you get your dyno tune done and what did it cost?

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    This morning I swapped out my 16T front sprocket for a 15T.

    What a difference! The bike should be shipped this way.

    I recommend everyone with a 701 SM do this.

    I did it to help make it more trackable, but it makes it more streetable as well.

    I hit 85 mph in 6th on the freeway and had a couple thousand rpm's to spare. Fast enough.

    I have stalled it a few times pulling away, not today.

    Second gear wheelies require no clutch work.

    My plan is to hit Adams Kart tack tomorrow although I may have to postpone one week, I have lot of work.

    And a Chiropractor appt. at 2.
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