Okay, here it is close to when I bought it.

I haven't changed much on the looks side of things. I had issues last year with blowing up the motor, but finally figured out why. The PO has installed an oil cooler, and because I'm sometimes an idiot, I had figured they did it right. Supposedly a known race engine builder had done it. Well, they were robbing oil from the crankshaft circuit, and just dumping it back into the crankcase. Yeah, robbing oil from the crank, and dropping the oil system pressure enough that the head never got any oil.


But in the mean time, I've upped my game for doing mods. So, I've replaced all the bearings in the motor, new clutch, ported head, high compression piston, Powroll cam, wrapped big gun exhaust, and the fun doesn't stop there. I now have bigger power tools. So, I lightened the flywheel and crankshaft. If memory serves, between the two, I dropped 14oz.

But the fun doesn't stop there. I had previously put Racetech emulators in the forks. I've heard from people that have put them in and weren't very fond of them, but I'm betting they never took the time to get them tuned properly. Because I like my current forks, I decided to do a fun project to help me better understand the mill and metal lathe I got, so I made my own fork preload adjusters.

I've also since gotten an oversized EBC brake rotor and caliper bracket, and have switched around MC's and calipers to get a 12.1 brake ratio. At this point, when I'm really getting the thing leaned over during racing practice, I'm actually having to be gentle with the throttle because the rear can spin pretty easily. I think I need to test with different tires, and maybe gear it for better top end a little.