So I got my Warp 9 kit from Moto-X-Industries back in March and mounted them up. At the time that I placed the order, the 320mm floating front rotor that I had ordered was on a massive waiting list, so they sent me a solid rotor for the time being and then shipped the floating rotor for free when it came in. I couldn't be happier so far. I had heard some issues with Warp 9 sets breaking spokes but there weren't enough bad reviews to red flag them for me. My rear rim did end up breaking a spoke and puncturing the tube. When I contacted them, they were very helpful and sent a handful of spokes (4 long, 3 short) and 7 nipples out the next day. Also, since I bought the complete wheels from them, they do have a warranty and will replace any damaged component for $60. They seem to be doing everything they can to reverse any previous bad publicity and from what I can tell, have no problem standing behind their product.