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    Hey guys!

    I'm a newbie member from Hungary. I don't have a bike since several years now, but the time has come for me as well to be able to buy one ) I was reading a lot of SMJunkie articles before joining and its a pretty nice community. Although im a newbie to the sport as well, so be ready for some easy questions from me. Actually here is my first one :

    I'm looking forward to join for "real" as soon as possible. I'm planning to buy a Husqvarna SM 510. I have two options, nearly the same price but i just cant decide.

    Option 1: 2006 SM510R 15000km, 410Hours. Electric start only. It had a rebuild at 360Hrs, it has a new clutch, new battery, and freshly serviced suspensions. I took it for a ride. Its insane... Downpoint: doesnt have reciepts, nor any kind of clue of the modifications, services done (oil changes, etc)
    Price: 2500USD
    Probably most of you never ever heard the language "hungarian", but maybe you can check out the pics:

    Option 2: 2010 SM510 3000km, Hrs still unknown, Untouched engine, electric and kick start, registered services (oil changes written down, so...), minor changes (new chain so) but mostly stock. Still couldn't see it personally.
    Price: 3000USD

    Which one would you recommend? I know most of you would say take the one with less km-es, but the other one just had a rebuild not a long time ago. The problem is i have some experience (10.000km) but not on an mx bike and in all in all im a newbie the motorsport from any point of view. So i lack some knowledge, and thats why im asking you, more experienced ones I cant really decide, which one will be "cheaper" for me on a longer period. Also, fuel injection is a not a so called "must" for me.

    If you have some clue about my problem, dont hesitate to share your ideas about it


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    Take the 2010 bike.
    It will be better in the long run.
    TM Racing....


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