Hello all,

I already have a project thread about my Sherco, but thought I'd introduce myself, too.

So yeah, I'm a 40 year old programmer dude. I used to work with cad and cnc metalworking machines, and still like to tinker and make stuff.

I started my motorcycle madness with an R6. Track riding was great, but I realized at some point that street speed would kill me. So I switched to vintage bikes, mostly Harleys for a decade and some. I enjoyed building them, but to ride they are kind of dull. Just sold my last one, a stripped down wl750. BTW, I did try an ironhead on track once. It was a lot of fun bouncing around.

Apart from the Sherco I'm working on converting, I have a Honda XL600R eternity project, that will be some kind of tracker/sumo street thing. Might do a project thread on that, once I get around to working on it again. If anyone has a stock tank for one, please send me a PM!