2017 Race Season Fast Approaching for Ohio Mini Roadracing League
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Thread: 2017 Race Season Fast Approaching for Ohio Mini Roadracing League

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    Default 2017 Race Season Fast Approaching for Ohio Mini Roadracing League


    Good overview video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUjXPyei1J4

    2017 Schedule

    Round 1 CRP (CCW) 04/22/17
    Round 2 CRP (CW) 05/06/17 – 05/07/17
    Round 3 CRP (CCW) 06/03/17
    Round 4 PIRC Wilson Circuit (CCW) 06/17/17 – 06/18/17
    OMRL @ VMD (Non-Points) 07/07/17 – 07/09/17
    Round 5 G & J 07/22/17 – 07/23/17
    Round 6 CRP (CW) 08/12/17
    OMRL @ PIRC for MotoAmerica (Non-Points) 08/25/17 – 08/27/17
    Round 7 CRP (CCW) 09/10/17
    Round 8 G & J 09/24/17
    Round 9 CRP (CW) 10/07/17

    We will be at Vintage Days again this year. It was a complete blast. Parking lot racing around barrels. Amazing time. We had a nice big area that was fenced in for our racing and camping. Camping was at no extra charge. A huge saving if you have a motor home or RV. It was just above the paddock so very central location.

    Our stock XR/CRF100 class is still the most popular drawing 10-20 riders per event for both novice and expert classes. The Groms are showing up more and more and should get their own class soon. We will be keeping the CC limit stock but other mods allowed. Any Grom owners should show up and race or just hang out.

    I'll be taking a break this year to let some others pull the #2 plates. I'll be doing some rider coaching and helping the program run smoothly.

    For those who haven't been with us for a year or so, we have started paying corner workers. An easy way to make $50 cash for the partial day. It also helps the races progress much more quickly. You can now focus on your race instead of working.

    Any questions should be directed to ohiominiroadracingleague@gmail.com.

    Chris "Biggie" Wallace
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