DRZ Float valve seat is stuck in carb
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Thread: DRZ Float valve seat is stuck in carb

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    Default DRZ Float valve seat is stuck in carb

    I recently had the issue with a leaky petcock and stuck float valve. I purchased a new petcock and valve assembly (needle/oring/seat), have the carb all apart, and can't for the life of me get this valve seat out.

    I've tried warming it with a hair dryer, flash freezing it with upside down compressed air, and yanking with needle nose plyers.. but it will just not budge. Have you guys experienced this or can you offer any insight into how I can get this thing out?
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    my 2 cents...
    try to run a tap into it and thread a bolt into it and slide hammer it out or least you can grab bolt with pliers easier. looks like damage is done, so it needs to come out.


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