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Thread: New or Prospective Members Please Read This First

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    Greetings SUMO fans…

    I just got a 2002 DR650se, here in Montreal, Canada. It's still stock, but the plan is to start working my way to an appropriate sumo for my needs. So far, the terrible roads here are the perfect environment for this bike. I took it into the trails a few times, and indeed, it's a bush pig as they say. I don't have knobby tires, but I don't think that's the secret spirit of this bike anyway. I think supermotard is the secret spirit. Post-apocalyptic pavement is what this bike loves.

    Perviously I had a Kawasaki Ninja750, which I loved. But after every ride, I had to massage my face to remove my smile. And this kind of smile… well, I don't trust myself. So part of the choice of going sumo is that I believe it's safer… and no less fun. Different fun. There's an adjustment to be made… but so far, still all stock, I'm loving this thing.

    I think my first step is going to be to shim the carb a little and swiss cheese my air box for some added performance (that's what I hear) After that, some small aesthetic sumo tweaks like the fender and turn signals… but the big excitement will be those 17" wheels with sticky tires. Then we'll ride off into the sun set somewhere… I guess as far as that tiny gas tank takes us.

    peace. out.

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    I'll post few details here about me. I'm from Europe, Latvia. I'm currently looking for my first bike. I've considered various choices and am currently focusing on KTM 525 EXC sumo conversion or Husqvarna 510smr. Depends which one will fit into budget, because I like both of them. I'm also studying them to understand which one would fit me better and currently I'm leaning more to Husqvarna.
    Goal is to acquire bike during the winter and to prepare it for next season. I need it to be street legal because I'd also like to use it as commuter to work and back.
    As soon as I get the bike, I'll post thread about it.

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    Welcome to the forum, Barons.

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